Meet The Team

Carl Stansfield

I'm team leader for angling dynamics I primarily fish rivers for barbel and my pb is 15.3 taken on monster crab and garlic soaked pellet which was my test bait last year But to be honest my favorite bait is the hot liver rami I've used this in closed season to good effect on carp waters I also had some lamprey pop ups made which accounted for the cats


Evaldas Cerneckis

Cracking start to a session for our youngest team member Evaldas Cerneckis when this lovely 47lb carp graced his net. Evaldas has been baiting his spots with a cocktail of HLR boilie and spod mix, with a banoffee popup fished over the top. Top angling. Well done.


Ian potts

My name is Ian potts I've been barbel fishing for 25 years on different rivers like the dove derwent w Avon river Wye the teme Kennet Trent and now the Thames I'm only after barbel my PB is 13 .13 from the Trent I've had 13 different 13 pound barbel from 5 different rivers love fishing different rivers and meeting good lads on the bank and making fishing memory's


Lee east

i've been fishing for 34 years as a all round angler but my main species are barbel and this year i've had well over a hundred fish with 30 doubles and a new pb of 15.7 all taken on are hot liver boilies .


Jamie Newton

I have been fishing for 9 years . I fish for mostly barbel but do quite a bit of carp fishing , Since I've joined angling dynamics I have done best with braces of big and numbers of barbel and carp, one of the best baits I have used and will continue to use is the hot liver and the new ts1. It has caught many fish for others and myself. I have had barbel to 16.1lb and carp up to 20lb and caught many of each species over the years.


Jason Bradley,

I began barbel fishing 18 years ago after having a spell as a Match Angler I decided a new challenge was needed. I began fishing the river Teme then moving on to the river Wye. After three years on the Wye if decided a new challenge was needed and moved on to the Middle severn this in its self was a whole new challenge. I Began Fishing the Trent two seasons ago and it opened a whole new challenge and improved my skills as a Barbel Angler. I was Approached by Angling Dynamics in August last year. I had been using their Baits for around 2 months before I was approached and the quality of the bait spoke for its self since using Angling dynamics baits I have broken pbs on three rivers the wye the middle severn and the Trent mainly on the consistency of the HLR I favoured the boilies and pellets more on the river severn. I have fished with all the products of Angling Dynamics and found the lamprey especially good on the Middle Trent. My catch went up and found the baits caught me the bigger fish especially off the river severn. Since joining Team Angling dynamics it as been a pleasure to use there baits and fish in amongst a fantastic Team.


barry mckeiver from Rotherham south Yorkshire,

Im a carp angler though ive only been carping for around 7 to 8 months i used to fish rivers many moons ago, the mighty trent...Don... swail...and Dearne match fishing. A friend got me into carping and I was hooked straight away. My PB is a 23lb 9oz mirror


 Andrew Nelson,

I've been fishing for 32 years, I've fished all different styles and all different types of waters, I've found myself nowadays fishing for mainly carp but I like to have a change now and then, my uk pb is 31lb My overseas pb is 59lb